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Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Patient Rebecca, aged 30, had missing upper lateral incisors on either side and the canine was missing on the right side. On taking the history, she had got her impacted canine on the upper right side extracted ten years back, prior to orthodontic treatment. The deciduous canine (milk teeth) was moved into the position of right lateral incisor. The deciduous canine had been mobile for a while and it exfoliated when she bit into a apple.

missing tooth and healing abutment  before implant
Before Treatment & With Healing Abutment

Radiographs were taken and on finding healthy bone, she was advised to go in for an implant to replace the missing teeth. The implants were not immediately loaded, but  a composite veneer was bonded  to the adjacent teeth temporally masking the healing abutment. An all-ceramic crown, along with a aesthetic abutment were placed to finish the case.

Dentally implanted tooth and x ray
X-ray, After Implant

Dental Cavities: Removal, Liners, Filling

Patient Sony came with caries (cavities, due to tooth decay) on the front upper teeth caries was removed completely. Liners were placed and Aesthetic Fillings were given.

Dr. Arun Thampy
Cavities, Lined and Filled Aesthetically

Discolored & Stained Tooth: Composite Veneer

Patient Shabanam, aged 21, complained of discolored and stained teeth and she was particularly worried about the upper central incisors. A composite veneer was done.

composite veneer for discolored and stained teeth
The Stained Teeth & the Teeth with Composite Veneer

Dental Braces and Ceramic Bridge for Congenitally Missing Laterals

Patient  Monica, aged 18, came with the complaint of spacing in her upper anterior teeth. An oral and radiographic examination she had congenitally missing laterals ( the teeth just adjacent to the central two teeth were missing from birth) on either side.

Dental Braces and Ceramic Bridge for Congenitally Missing Laterals
Missing Teeth, Teeth with corrected spacing and Bridge

She was advised to undergo braces  to correct the spacing after which, an all-ceramic bridge would be given to rehabilitate the front teeth both functionally and aesthetically. (The midline was compromised slightly as the patient refused to undergo tooth removal for correction of the midline.)

Retreatment of Root Canal, Laser Sterilization

Patient Dona,  aged 26, came to me with severe pain on the right lower side. She gave  a history of having undergone root canal treatment   a year back. On taking a radiograph (X ray) the tooth was incompletely obturated or blocked and  an abscess had developed. The tooth was immediately opened to relieve the pain. On the recall visit,  the canal was retreated and laser sterilization was done. It was subsequently filled  and is now asymptomatic. The radiograph shows marked improvement in the bone loss periapically.

Re-treated root canal with laser sterilization

Root Canal, Post and Ceramic Crown.

Patient  Satish aged 39 reported with pain in the right lower  region  and a fractured second premolar. On examination, he had caries (cavities) with pulpal involvement of the right lower first molar. The second premolar had fractured at the cervical region. On taking the history, he had undergone  rootcanal treatment  for the lower second premolar  four years ago. Rootcanal treatment was done for the molar. A post was placed on the second premolar to salvage the teeth. Both teeth were given ceramic crowns.

Dr. Arun Thampy
Post & Crown X-ray